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Another new song

hey this is anothe r song i jsut wrote man im kicking this shit out arent i lol
hope u like it

We Are Deliciously Awesome---By Allen

Intro (slow drum beat)

Blaring brass
Will kick your ass
(Brass interlude)
Guitar solos melt your face
Drums kicking with the bass
(Guitar interlude then drums kicks bass)
Bass Guitar it shakes the ground
Everyone can hear the sound
(Bass slide)
The Big Ska band, all do come
The First album will go platinum


And the Bass goes
(Bass Walk)
The Guitar goes
(Heavy metal hammer, then little interlude)
The Drums go
(Drum thing)
And the brass goes
(Cool brass thing)


We are deliciously awesome (yeah)
We are deliciously awesome (whoa)
We are the best that you will taste
So hurry up and make haste

Verse 1

All who hear our band
Will be sittin in the stands
All who hear our sound
Will be comin around
All who hear us play
Will be here to stay
You don’t know how good we are
We’re the best you’ll hear by far

Verse 2
On the street
Or at a gig
Feet tapping to the beat
Our sound is so sweet
We all know you will dig
And one thing that I kno
You will love us thats fo sho
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