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Son of a Biscuit is playing at Battle of The Bands in Cape Coral on May 7th.

The songs we are goina play is as follows:

Sick as a Dog
Sailing On
Don Juan(originally by The Suburban Legends)
and a new song we are workin on right now

If the guys from The Suburban Legends come across this i just want them to know that the reason we have chosen to do a cover of Don Juan was becuz we all love it and its one of our favorite ska songs the other being I want More.I saw them in concert about a year ago and i want to pay homage to them.I hope that someday we will get good enough to play with them and the legends....Reel Big Fish.Anyway i know that was probably pointless but i figured maybe on some off chance the guys at SBL will stumble over this journal and see that.Peace.

-Tim Tim
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