For Those About To Rock....... We Salute You (fender_strat88) wrote in sonofabiscuit,
For Those About To Rock....... We Salute You

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Lets steal money from the belltower fountain

As you guys know, we have a slight problem with no live sound. We need mics badly. This is my plan as i propose it. We search our rooms high and low for coins, we ask our parents for spare change, we ask friends for any extra change, we go to the mall and grab change from the fountain there and at belltower too, but we need mics badly and I have found a sure mic for $59.00 and we need 3-4 (one for tim, myself, rob and allen can use one, and curran.) Tell me what you think but i think that it is about time to put our plans into action and put as much money each one of us can for equipment cause its not just going to fall into our hands. We have a PA sysytem thanks to John now. But we need mics or we wont even be able to play in our garages correctly. Tell me what you think about this.
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