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New Song

Ok so i haven't updated this thing in awhile because we have been busy getting ready for our first show,which im really nervous about.Rob just quit :(,and Curran isn't goina be here for the show,and we don't have a drummer yet,and the shows in less than a week.Well the good news is Allen and I are working on a new song called "Summer at the Bakery".Phil has already started on a lead which sounds really good and ive already set a melody for the song.Phil is seriously like a naturally good lead guitar player.I wish i was that way.Anyway that song will be done shortly.John's uncle is goina make us a banner for our band.I think that will be pretty cool.Well thats all i have to say for now.Ill keep everyone posted on our other upcoming shows and if anyone wants to play with us let me know at racewoc@yahoo.com.peace.
-Tim Tim
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